Know the Difference: Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize 

Microorganisms have always been a part of our lives however we often forget they coexist with us because they are not seen with our naked eye. Microorganisms are not only found on our skin or our body, it can also be found in any surface that you can possibly see or touch. Avoiding microorganisms that may be infectious is vital to keep ourselves healthy and our loved ones as well. In order to keep you and your family healthy, a very significant way to keep ourselves clean is through hand washing, however it is also as important to have a clean surrounding. 



When we say that a place or area is clean, it is often associated by three common words we often encounter everyday. The three words are clean, disinfect and sanitize and we often interchange the meaning of the three, sometimes we even think that the three only means the same because they have the same goal which is to have an area be clean. However, did you know that the three actually differs from one another. Let me clarify the difference between the three.  


1. Clean 

When we say clean it actually involves the removal of crumbs, dirt, germs or dust that are present in surfaces around us. When it comes to cleaning, detergent and water are the two most basic tool in order to make cleaning possible. Cleaning through this process does not guarantee killing germs however since an effort to clean was made, the spread of germs or infection has been lessen compared to not cleaning.  


2. Disinfect 

The disinfection process involves the presence of chemicals to kill or get rid of germs or microorganisms on a surface or on an object. Bleach is a common chemical used as a disinfectant as well as alcohol. Disinfecting can take more time compared to cleaning because the chemical needs to be left on the surface for a given period of time in order for the chemical to kill the microorganisms or germs that exist on that certain object or surface.  


3. Sanitize 

Sanitizing a surface or object simply means that the goal you are going for is to lessen the microorganism present to refrain infection from spreading. Sanitizing can be through cleaning or through disinfecting and can also be through both. You can sanitize your home by mopping your floors through the use of chemical or water or wipe your home surfaces with alcohol.  


Now that the three has been clearly differentiated, you now have a better idea as to what impact you are going for.  


Every surface in your home should be cleaned, disinfected or sanitized properly in order to get rid of the possibility of infection or illnesses. It may seem a regular and basic thing to do however it is a vital step in order to keep you and your family healthy. If your schedule is tight to keep your home clean as often as it should, searching ‘disinfecting services near me’ will really help you on where to go. However, let me recommend! They are pros when it comes to making your place sparkly and sanitary. Check out the website now and keep you and your family’s safety and health as top priority.